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Easter Laboratory Service About Us

Eastern Laboratory Services (ELS) is a full service state-of-the-art dairy and water testing laboratory that conducts a wide variety of quality tests and chemical analysis. ELS specializes in producing calibration sets for infrared and near-infrared electronic analyzers, somatic cell counters, bacterial analyzers and other milk testing instrumentation. ELS will also provide custom standards on request.  ELS serves customers in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, Korea and other countries around the world.

Eastern Laboratory Services serves over 5,500 dairy producers by providing them with component payment and official state regulatory quality analysis. ELS also provides extensive milk culture services including, mycoplasma, sensitivity and Johne’s analysis.

ELS is a certified laboratory and has staff licensed by the National Council of Interstate Milk Shippers (NCIMS), Quality Certification Services (QCS), Ohio EPA, Ohio Department of Agriculture, Kentucky Regulatory Services, National Dairy Herd Improvement Association, Michigan Department of Agriculture and the State of Indiana Creamery License Division. 
ELS also participates in many industry organizations including, National Mastitis Council (NMC), National DHIA (NDHIA), The Dairy Practices Council (DPC), North American Laboratory Managers Association (NALMA), International Committee for Animal Recording (ICAR) and the National Council of Interstate Milk Shippers (NCIMS).

Our certified technical and professional staff prides itself on integrity, attention to detail, consistent quality service and personalized programs to meet your business needs. We strive to provide the most accurate, timely and cost effective analytical services in the industry.


Customized Services
Rapid turnaround * Extensive sample transportation services * Custom reporting and date transfer services (fax, mail, email, FTP) * Courier services

Value added extras
Contract services * On-site quality consultations and analysis * Load screening



Milk samples ELS analyzes in a year... 1.5 million
Miles sample drivers travel in a month to collect milk samples... 70,000 miles
Number of times one sample driver could cross the U.S. from coast to coast each month, if all the sample-driver miles are added together... 17 times
Number of separate analyses ELS performs on milk samples in a year... 7 million
Gallons of milk ELS uses for testing in a year... 5,000 gallons
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