Approximately 75 labs in five countries have recognized ELS as the supplier-of-choice for high-quality component and somatic cell calibration standards.

ELS collects milk from 24 different producers’ bulk tanks on a weekly basis and manufactures milk standard samples that are used to calibrate component and somatic cell analyzers.


These calibration standards are marketed in Canada, Italy, Korea, and Puerto Rico, as well as across the United States. ELS serves a wide range of labs including FDA, Federal Milk Marketing Administrator labs, DHIA and dairy plant labs.

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Bacteria Analysis

Our bacteria analysis results can be used to maintain high-quality milk production on your farm.

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Component Analysis

Through ELS’ component analysis capabilities for testing your bulk tank sample, you can also test for components on individual cows to assist in the management of your herd.

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Using ELS’ culturing testing services, you can determine the type(s) of mastitis-causing bacteria infecting your herd, the source and how the infection is contaminating your herd.

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Diagnostic Testing

ELS can help dairy producers manage their herds by providing the most accurate, timely and cost-effective dairy diagnostic and analytical services in the industry.

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ELS offers a comprehensive range of tests to confirm the make-up, quality and safety of water sources including drinking water, waste water and environmental water samples.

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